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  • Jane Maxwell

Jane Maxwell is a collage and mixed media artist based in Boston. Her work largely focuses on women, body image and the feminine ideal. 'From movies and television to magazines and billboards, we are continually inundated with representations of the perfect woman - the perfect figure. This work deconstructs the ideal body by stripping away fashion and airbrushing, shaping each form with multiple layers of found materials: vintage produce crate labels, Hollywood posters, and related ephemera. The work often features multiple women in conversation, comparison or repetition, a patterning that underscores the role female camaraderie and competition play in the quest for the ideal figure, and highlights our culture's insistence on uniformity. In the current series, Reflect, the women are contemplative. They sit. They peer in mirrors. They pose and ponder. The women are looking out or peering back. They are, in a way, both viewed and the viewer...both judged and the judge. This interaction calls into question the complexity and tension between how a woman feels inside, what she projects to the world, and how she is perceived.' Each work of art is the result of many hours of labor - of layering, sanding, building up and peeling back, incorporating an original technique that combines overlapping imagery with melted beeswax. The works are then finished with several coats of high gloss resin, vividly bringing to life the vintage materials beneath the modern surface.